Screen Printing vs Digital Printing, Which One Is Better for Your Custom T shirt?

Printing your own t-shirt will sound amazing and cool whether you do it by yourselves or you use custom shirt services. In addition, there are so many steps to make your custom shirt. One of them is the technique of printing t-shirt. There are two general printing techniques which are used in t-shirt printing business including screen printing and digital printing. Most of you may do not familiar with two printing process. What is the difference? And which one is better? And, we will try to answer your question.

For your information, screen printing and digital printing is widely used for making your own custom t-shirt. Actually, those two printing techniques have different factors to be used including, the color as well as the design that is going to be printed. In addition, the t-shirt printing process is quite similar to screen printing and digital printing. A stencil is used for printing design using screen printing. Meanwhile, the digital printing prints image digitally.

Digital printing technique is commonly used for selected items. This printing technique is a much new printing process where the design is directly printed on the printing surface. Your design that your are used is printed using high-exposure toner od high-volume inkjet. Many people believe that this print shirt technique is easier than the screen printing technique because it downloads the images on the desktop, print it through the inkjet printer, and heat on the desired surface. The benefits of this process are cost-effective for small batch, the design does not felt on the t-shirt, having detail printing, cleaner printing process, and easy to adjust.

How about the screen printing? This traditionally custom shirt printing technique is used since the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, this technique is popular around the world for printing custom t shirt needs. It is known as a multistep process that begins with designing and burning the design to fine mesh stencil or screen and preparing the ink for printing. This screen printing technique is a technique in which uses a stencil or screen. The stencil is used to apply the ink on the printing surface. However, this printing method seems to have greater advantages for your quality print t-shirt. This technique delivers cost-effective for big orders. Premium quality printing, highly sturdy, easy to print for large designs, more eye-catching, various designs placement. So, we think that we have answered your question, and you also can decide which one is better for your t-shirt printing needs.